How It Works

Hi, Charles and Eri here. We're a Japanese-American couple living in Japan.

Here's how Box of Manga works Each month, we'll send you a box full of Japanese manga. Each box includes 4 manga volumes and  a personal message. We hand-pick each volume to match your reading level.

All you need to do is select your reading level at checkout and we'll handle the rest.

Step 1

We send you a box of manga tailored to your reading level

Step 2

Get your box in the mail, open it, and read!

Step 3

Grow your Japanese ability AND your collection!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the reading levels work?

The reading levels are separated into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

Beginner manga titles have fewer sentences and more pictures, with hiragana pronunciation on all kanji characters. Intermediate has more kanji and text than the beginner level, but most characters will still have pronunciation. Advanced has much more text and kanji, and only difficult kanji will have pronunciation.

If you don't know what level to choose, we recommend starting with the Beginner level. You can always change your reading level later!

Will you send me random titles?

No. We promise not to send you disjoint titles—you won't get, say, volume numbers 13, 57, 3, and 9 in a single box. You'll either get (a) consecutive volumes from vol. 1 (such as Naruto vol. 1-5 ) or (b) the first volume of 4-5 different series. 

Why are your prices so low?

Great question! Our prices are so low because we send you used comics. But because Japanese are so picky about quality, the books are often as good as new!

What's in the box?

Each box is a carefully curated surprise, but we try to follow several rules: 

  • A. the manga should be tailored to your reading level (which you choose at checkout)
  • B. all series should start from volume 1 (we'll send you volumes 1-5 but never 20-25)
  • C. the manga should be friendly for both males and females.

Sometimes, we'll also send you doodles, handwritten postcards and other surprises.

Who are you?

We're Charles and Eri, a Japanese-American couple living in Japan. A few years ago, Charles taught himself Japanese reading manga, and now we want to help you do the same! Nyaa!

When are you going to ship my box?

We ship your box at the beginning of the month, usually around the 3rd-4th of the month. This may change slightly with holidays in Japan.

Important: We ship a month's orders the following month. So, if you order on January 31st, we'll ship your box at the beginning of February. If you order on February 1st, we won't be able to ship until the beginning of March!

When will my box arrive?

It should take around 2-4 weeks to arrive. International shipping, you know the drill.

Can you provide a tracking number?

No, sorry. We use SAL shipping from Japan, and tracking numbers would mean nearly doubling prices.

Why hasn't my box arrived?

If it's been 4 weeks since your box was shipped and it still hasn't arrived,  please send us an email at charles [at] boxofmanga [dot] com. We'll try to figure something out!

Can I choose what titles I receive?

Of course not! That would ruin the surprise! We're manga lovers, though, and we try to pick titles that you guys will love :)

Give it a try!

Okay, enough questions. Why not try your first box?