Frequently Asked Questions


Shipments to US, Canada, Australia, and most other countries are open! However...

Shipments to some countries (UK, France, Germany, etc.) are still paused. Please refer to the Japan Post website for a list of countries we cannot ship to. We are also seeing long delays in shipments to countries we can ship to. Boxes may take several weeks longer than normal to arrive. If you cannot wait longer than two months, please wait until things have calmed down to subscribe. Stay safe! 

Are the manga in Japanese?

Yes. Yes. YES! They're in Japanese. Yes, the language Japanese. Which means they are NOT in English. Did I mention they're in Japanese?

Why are your prices so low?

Great question! Our prices are so low because we send you used comics. But because Japanese are so picky about quality, the books are often as good as new!

What's in the box?

Each box is a carefully curated surprise, but we try to follow several rules: (1) the manga should be friendly for beginners; (2) all series should start from volume 1 (we'll send you volumes 1-5 but never 20-25); (3) the manga should be friendly for both males and females.

Who are you?

We're Charles and Eri, a Japanese-American couple living in Japan. A few years ago, Charles taught himself Japanese reading manga, and now we want to help you do the same! Nyaa!

Can I choose what titles I get?

Of course not! That would ruin the surprise! :)

What if I own manga already?

During checkout, there's an option to let us know what you already own. That way we won't send you duplicates! After you've subscribed, you can email us at any time to add additional (separately purchased) titles to our database.

Is there a one-month trial option?

The easiest way to try one month is to register for a subscription and then cancel your subscription before the monthly renewal date. 

I am considering a multi-month subscription. Can I change my reading level partway through?

Yes. At any time during a multi-month subscription, you can change your reading level via your account, or by contacting us directly via email.

Shipping Questions

When does my box ship?

We ship all our boxes once a month, and the beginning of the month. So, if you ordered on January 15th, your order would ship at the beginning of February.

How long does shipping take?

We ship with the Japan Post SAL shipping. Most boxes will take 2-4 weeks, depending on where you are. (Note: Due to the effects of covid-19, we are shipping all packages with Japan Post Airmail. This, in theory, has a shorter time-to-arrival, but things may end up about the same with the current global supply chain problems.)

Why can't I select my country at checkout?

The Japan Post won't let us ship to certain countries. If your country is listed, that means we can't ship to you. Sorry!

Do you provide tracking numbers?

No, we use Japan Post SAL shipping, and that doesn't come with a tracking number. 

Why hasn't my box arrived?

Boxes can take longer when the Japan Post is busy. In almost all cases, the box will arrive if you wait a few more days! If your box is over a month late, please send us an email and we'll fix things for you!

Enough with the questions! 

Why not get your first box and try it out for yourself?