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You learn Japanese faster when it's fun! Each month, we send you a Box of Manga tailored to your Japanese reading level.


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Titles You Know

 Each box features four manga titles—titles that you grew up watching, reading, and loving! Get started by choosing a reading level.

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Hand-Curated With Love

Box of Manga is a family-operated business run by Charles and Eri, a Japanese-American couple. Each box is hand-curated and hand-packed from our home in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture.

50,000+ Books Shipped Worldwide

After 5 years and 50,000+ books shipped to dozens of countries around the world, here's what our customers are saying!

"My first box arrived yesterday and after spending the night reading. ... Being an  indecisive person, I had no idea what I even wanted  to or could read. Having these books has also really motivated me to push further in my studies."

- Saana, Finland

"I just received my second box and I love it. I love that you keep track of the mangas you already sent me ... I also love the personal message in each box and Eri’s drawings are super cute!"

- Aaron, USA

"I loved the content, it's diverse and I specially liked the letter you and your wife, Eri, wrote. ... Now I have lots of material to study and have fun at the same time! Thanks!"

- Kawen, Brazil

"I love getting these boxes every month. It gets me manga titles that I otherwise would never have considered buying, and having books I can't  read laying around serves as great motivation to keep studying so that I  can eventually read them."

- Alex, USA

"I have been studying Japanese for 1.5 years, so I signed up for the Intermediate level and I am happy with what I received until now in terms of difficulty. ... I am fine with looking up a word every 2-3 pages or so, helps to build vocabulary!"

- Stefano

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